Why The Daily Submissive?

The idea for The Daily Submissive was born after a year or more of a hard, hard search for a Dom. I experienced all kinds of crazy situations. And abuse.

What I came up against time and time again, is how ruthlessly submissives; especially female service orientated submissives, are exploited. More often than not, the men are fakes and are preying on women who genuinely want to explore their sexuality.

I feel passionately that this abuse is NOT to be tolerated. But more than that, what are the traps and pitfalls which the newly submissive fall into? How can they be avoided so that the Wonderful World of Kink can be navigated successfully and with the least amount of heartache as humanly possible?

I believe that by the sharing of our individual stories; abuse such as I and others have experienced, can begin to end.


Meet the Team


Founder & Editor

Renarde has been involved in the lifestyle, on and off, for the last 15 years. A professional educator who is passionate about feminism and helping those who have experienced abuse within BDSM.

She lives in the UK with her gender-fluid cat, Sacher.



The Daily Submissive is always looking for fresh and original content. So if you have a piece of approximately 500 to 1000 words on topics such as BDSM abuse, feminism, protocol or even kink in general, please get in touch.

TDS reserves the right to edit the copy. All copyrights remain with the original author.

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